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HSBC Penguin Coaching Academy Coaching Trip
Malaysia and Indonesia, 31 October – 14 November 2015

Academy Coaches: Rob Drinkwater -Australia,  Ian Fowler - Australia,  Florent (Flo) Rossigneux - France,  Lionel Farao - South Africa

An integral part of the Penguin Club is to assist in the growth and development of the sport of rugby around the world, and this is accomplished by the HSBC Penguins International Coaching Academy. The Academy organises structured rugby coaching programmes and coach-tutoring courses for coaches and young people in overseas countries where that expertise is not readily available locally. This helps young people to improve their skills and knowledge of rugby. It also encourages participation in the game, which in turn promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, camaraderie and traditional rugby values for which the Penguins are renowned. In support of this a programme of events was scheduled in Malaysia and Indonesia for November 2015 in partnership with HSBC and World Rugby. This fifteen day coaching trip began with the coaches departing their home shores, on the 31st October and was delivered by coaches from Australia, France and South Africa.

Lionel and Rob met in Singapore prior to arriving into Kuala Lumpur (KL) on the afternoon of the 1st November with an overnight stay at the COBRA Rugby Club, the hosts and co-ordinators of the tour in Malaysia. The following day started with an early departure for the 280km trip to Pekan in the Pahang Province.

Ian arrived into Pekan midday and then it was straight into four days of coaching. Eight sessions were planned which reached a combined total of over 950 students and 45 coaches. With an average of 130 participants per session, with one session even totalling 210 participants, the HSBC Penguin Coaches were kept busy each day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

From Pekan, the HSBC coaches journeyed to Kuantan and then travelled to Termerloh the following morning. After an overnight in Jerantut the next destination was Kuala Lipis before a final overnight in the local rural areas and Raub. The HSBC Penguin Coaches were fortunate to visit and experience the wonderful people and places of this north-eastern province of Malaysia. The map below details the HSBC Coaches journey.

Each of the schools that were visited, plus the participating local schools, are listed below. In total, 36 different schools were involved in the sessions

2/11/15 - SMK Lepar (SBP Integrasi Tun Abdul Razak, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Nenasi, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Lepar, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Lepar and Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Paloh Hinai)

3/11/15 AM - SBPI Kuantan Pekan (SBP Integrasi Kuantan, SM Sains Sultan Ahmad Shah, SM Agama Al Maarif, Bukit Goh, SMK Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom, SM Abdul Rahman Talib, SK Kg Belukar, SK Beserah, SK Tok Sira, SK Balok, SK Kg Padang, and SK Sg Karang)

3/11/15 PM - SMK Seri Semantan (SMK Seri Semantan, SMK Seri Tualang, SBPI Temerloh, SMK Abu Bakar, SK Seri Tualang, and SK Gunung Senyum)

4/11/15 AM - SMK Padang Saujana (SMK Padang Saujana SMK Temin, SMK Jerantut, SMK Kota Gelanggi 2, SMK Kuala Krau, SK Pedah, and SK Kota Gelanggi 3)

4/11/15 PM - SMK Clifford (SMK Clifford, Sekolah Indera Shahbandar Pahang, and SK LKTP Kemasul)

5/11/15 - SK Mahmud SMK Mahmud (SMK Tengku Kudin, SM Sains Tengku Abdullah, and SM Mahmud)

The coaching sessions were planned around the themes of catch and pass, go forward and support, whilst incorporating rugby’s unique values. Prior discussion with the coaches also allowed for adapting the delivery to what the local teachers and coaches required.

With a strong focus on fun and enjoyment, noticeable improvements were demonstrated in each session, with modified games incorporated to showcase new and/or improved skills each time.

Returning to KL on Thursday afternoon provided the opportunity to meet with our hosts, the COBRA Rugby Club, and to conduct a final session on the following day with their juniors (the “Cobrats”) and junior coaches. Teams coached were the U6, U7, U9, U12, U14 and U16 age groups.

The hospitality of the local people was a significant factor in the success of this visit, and their support of the HSBC Penguins Program and COBRA Rugby Club has not gone unnoticed. Special mention should be made of TJ Tan of the COBRA Rugby Club; our host, driver, interpreter and go-to man for the Malaysian leg of this tour. Much of the development of rugby in Malaysia is driven by the COBRA Rugby Club, and through the efforts of those like TJ, the HSBC Penguin’s Coaching Academy visits are always a success in terms of the numbers we manage to coach and impact upon.

A Sunday departure from KL had the coaching team arrive into Jakarta late afternoon for the second week of the tour. For Lionel, Ian and Flo this was their first visit to the capital and some of Asia’s worst traffic congestion.

The Indonesian leg of the tour was characterised by fewer numbers of participants but greater levels of experience. There was also far more time spent in the car, to experience the city’s infamous traffic, and also a third visit to Mama Sayang Orphanage and the 140 children who call it home.

The focus was again on improving and developing basic skills, reiterating rugby’s core values and in particular ensuring that fun and enjoyment was had by all, the HSBC Penguin’s Coaches covered a further seven sessions across a spectrum of new and experienced players including men, women, boys and girls across Jakarta. The total number of rugby enthusiasts reached was 245 players and over 25 coaches. Of note, was the number of coaches who had previously attended a World Rugby (IRB) Level 1 Coaching Course, conducted the previous year by the HSBC Penguin’s Coaching Academy. These local coaches were just as enthusiastic and continued to put their knowledge and skills into practice twelve months after their accreditation.

The Mama Sayang Orphanage visit once again provided the opportunity to work with some of Indonesia’s less fortunate children, but also to deliver some 25kg’s of clothing and shoes to support the orphanage’s daily operations. Mike Hilliard (Founder) is most appreciative of the efforts that the HSBC Penguin Coaching Academy go to in support of this most worthy cause. Many of Indonesia’s women’s rugby players have come from Mama Sayang and they continue to be involved in growing the game today.

This year, the HSBC Coaching Academy also made it to the Indonesian Highlands and the city of Bandung. An afternoon spent with the University men’s and women’s teams was thoroughly rewarding, despite the torrential rain. This area, around 3 – 4 hours from Jakarta, is a focus for Indonesian Rugby, and the visit was well received by the students. The request from locals, was for future visits to spend a little more time in areas outside of the capital.

For the Indonesian leg of the tour, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Rendy Yusuf, Development Officer - Indonesian Rugby Union, our trusty driver and go-to man, as well as Caitlin Ryan (Development Manager - Indonesian Rugby Union) for their tireless efforts in supporting the HSBC Penguin Coaching Academy.

HSBC Penguin’s Coach Ian Fowler introducing the first session in Pekan.
HSBC Penguin Coaches with local teachers and coaches, Raub
Safe, correct tackling technique
Lionel Farao demonstrating
Running with the ball and smiles, Termerloh
HSBC Penguins Coaches, Termerloh
Presentation to Principal, SBPI Kuantan
Flo Rossigneux, scrum position, COBRATs
HSBC Penguin Coaches, TJ Tan and local teachers at SK Mahmud SMK Mahmud; Raub
Lionel Farao & Komodos Juniors
Ian Fowler, games at Mama Sayang
SPH Tangerang, Kakarta
Warm-up with Flo Rossigneux, Bandung Uni
Girls 7s, Australian International School
Komodos Seniors, Jakarta
Rob Drinkwater presenting a Penguins Plaque along with 25kgs of clothes and shoes to Mike Hilliard, Founder – Mama Sayang Orphanage
Jack Speak
Community Group
Jack Speak
Community Group