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Guam Coaching Visit 2008
25th to 28th March 2008

Penguin Coach: Lynn Evans
Liaison Officer: Steve Grantham, Guam Rugby Union

Major Outcome – to help the Development Officers define their work programme priorities and assist with some ideas of how to introduce the game of rugby to children.


  • Initial meeting with Steve and the Development officers Conrad and Paul to determine what questions they wanted to ask and get an assessment of what is going on in Guam with the Development Programme.
  • The priorities seem to be how to access new schools and develop the competitive programme in high schools and middle schools.
  • To put together a comprehensive planning process that can tell the Guam RU what numbers of players (boys and girls) are being taught through the rugby programme.
  • To help Guam RU maximise the publicity of rugby and find ways of involving more parents in the game so their support of rugby matches that of the American based games programme. Lynn suggested some form of Tag programme involving the parents at a school open day.
  • The importance of keeping figures (numbers of schools playing, number of players involved) to ascertain growth of the game and retention of players.
  • To increase the numbers of coaches and their qualifications in order to meet the demands of the older high school players and members of the elite playing group – in service coach education courses to stimulate interest and improve knowledge. Possible link with Hong Kong and visiting coaches programme.
  • Refereeing was in the hands of the very capable and enthusiastic Greg David. As with most small unions it seems a number of people are doubling up as coaches and referees. Lynn suggested it may be worth exploring the possibility of starting with high school students refereeing Tag games and then seeing if there is some potential among them to continue with 15 a side game.
  • Lynn helped the Development Officers to look at a ‘player centred’ and ‘game centred’ approach to introducing rugby as often the time they have is limited and it short circuits the player into understanding the game.
  • Lynn thought the appointment of a Full Time Development Officer would aid the progress needed to spread the game more quickly. It would be a valuable use of IRB resourcing.
  • Lynn was impressed with the standard of the women’s rugby I saw and see some potential here.
  • Lynn attended two schools – one primary (*a first time visit for rugby) and one middle school plus the women’s team practice

Lynn was impressed with the enthusiasm of the young development officers and the support given by Steve.

Jack Speak
Jack Speak